viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

Pope Francis criticizes capitalism, world leaders, and media

Recently Pope Francis published an 84 page "apostolic exhortation" where he criticizes many aspects of today's capitalist world. First he calls the media to be more just; what upsets the Pope is that when a homeless man dies from starvation or cold is not a big deal, but when the market falls down for two points it is a headline. The pontiff also exhorts the economically stable people to avoid wasting food when there are people starving.And ultimately he adressed people in common to stop being so selfish and think of  a neighbor who is in a struggle. The Pope invites all people to share in these upcoming holidays and to remember the ones who do not have much.

Elections are over and a winner is announced

With more than 80% of the votes counted, Juan Orlando Hernandez was declared winner with more than 35% of the votes in his favor. In second place came in leftist Xiomara Castro. Clearly these elections were shady and Hernandez has a bad reputation of not being honest. But apart from the corruption and all the lack of transparency, it is better to have Orlando than Xiomara. Since we are used to being in middle of so much corruption, with Hernandez nothing will be much different. With Xiomara however, we would have had a socialist government and the country's economy would be forever stucked in poverty.

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Elections are coming in Honduras: Don't vote for Libre!

This Sunday, elections wil take place here in Honduras. The only advice I give for the people is: do not vote for Libre. Libre is a political party based on atheistic and socialistic (actually, more like comunistic) ideas. Libre will bring communism like Cuba and Venezuela to Honduras. And it will be a dictatorship disguised as communism, since true communism is impossible to achieve. Please do not vote for Xiomara Castro, the wife of a former president who admitted to commit fraud to win the elections, and also an ally of the Venezuelan dictator Maduro. Also, Xiomara did not have a good education, finnishing highschool until her early 20s. Clearly this person is not apt to be a leader for a country. I only pray to God for mercy over his children in Honduras concerning this Sunday.

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Murder attempt against PAC party candidate

Today November 15th 2013, an attempt against a candidate from Partido Anticorrupcion, one of the leading political parties in the upcoming elections of Honsuras, was made. A candidate of the name of Roberto Rivera was going to work early in the morning when two men shot at the driver's door of his car. This is an attack not to a specific political power but to democracy itself. Whoever wins or not is because God has willed for that person to be in power. I can only say may the best candidate win, and the loser parties should learn how to lose with dignity and not attempt against each others lives.

Orthodox priests appeal to Russia for security of Christians in the Middle East.

Persecution of Christians in the Middle East has been a problem since ever. Today this has slowly ceased, being only the radical Muslim countries the ones that persecuted Christians, and Egypt and Syria were examples of Christian tolerant Muslim nations. But earlier this year things have changed, since the civli conflicts in both of the countries mentioned above, the persecution of Christians has peaked. The Orthodox priests have appealed to Russia for aid in this aspect. I think we can all help by praying for the security of all types of Christians that are out there in the Middle East professing their faith.

viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Argentinian dictatorship secret files revealed

On Monday, the Argentinian millitary force discovered files from the dictatorship period in a building that houses the Argentinian airforce. The secret files are a black list of people who were potentially dangerous to the dictatorship, many actors, artists, and writers are among the list. This discovery is an important historical and judicial feature, said ministry of defense Rossi. The name of 1500 people appera in the list, some of these are believed to be some of the lost people of the 1976-1983 dictatorship. This may bring some answers to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo looking for their sons and daughters.

Supreme Court struggles over how religious prayer should be on public meetings

The Supreme Court of the US doubts greatly if they should generalize more in their prayers on public meetings or not. The root of this dilemma is the variety of cultures and religions in the US, many attendants are Jews, Muslims, atheists, Catholic, Protestant, or some other religion. This is a problem when a country has so many people from all parts of the world. I think the United States should remain loyal to their Christian foundations and not let the secularization of this century invade their prayers on public meetings.

viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Putin Is the World's Most Powerful Man

Russian president Putin has made his way on top of the Forbes list of the most powerful man in the world. Putin replaced Barack Obama who had been there since 2010. The reason of Forbes shift is because Putin has made himself popular among the world headlines like prohibiting homosexual acts and giving assylum to Snowden. Russia and Putin's rules are a trending topic all along the globe. Luckily, this man has made a good use of his power.

A List of Blasphemic Songs

When you read the title, you think you are about to see a list full of metal bands. Though metal is one of the genres of music that speaks outwardly against Christianity, the following songs will surprise you when you see that they do not need higly distorted guitars, growling voices, or insane drum solos to be a blasphemy.

  • Depeche Mode: Blasphemous RumoursThe lyrics of this song depict God as a being with a cruel sense of humor that enjoys watching humans die.
  • Kanye West: I Am God
    I think the title of the song gives the message very well. When interviewed about the song, Kanye said: " I made the song because I am a god." I think that, we will see when Judgement Day comes, who is who.
  • John Lennon: ImagineIf you did not know John Lennon well, you would not imagine to see him here. But if you get to think a little, you would remember the time when he said the Beatles were greater than Jesus. Then it does not seem ilogical to put Imagine in this list. One of the verses in this song says:
    "Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today"

viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Rare "Sea Monsters" Land in California

Over the last few months a group of odd marine creatures have been spotted in the Californian shores. These creatures are said by scientists to dwell in the deep ocean, but somehow they have managed to appear in the shallow waters of the Los Angeles shore. Biologists suggest that the manifesting of these bizarre creatures is a sign of global warming. Some people are even scared because the finding of a 15 foot long sabre-tooth fish has been known by Japanese people to be ominous of earthquake as it did a year before the disastrous earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Christians Rise In NYC

New York has always been known for not being a very religious city; but recently, the Christian community has seen a rise in their population of born again Christians. This rise in the statistics had not been so high since the 1990s not even in the midst of 9/11. New Yorkers are changing their atheistic ways and seeking for God more and more, this is what a secular city like NYC needed: to seek more spirituality.


viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Rain of Fire in Syria

An article on CNN tells how fire was literally falling like rain in Syria. It occured in a late August noon, when suddenly a wave of patients crowded the hospitals of Aleppo, Syria. The tragic event took place in the outisdes of the city where supossedly a government airplane flew over a school and fired chemicals that turned into drops of fire. The scene was like a horror show according to their witnesses who saw how innocent children passed from cheerfully playing in their schools to being in an agonizing pain with their skin falling apart like ripped clothes. The UN must take actions to stop these events that are taking place in Syria; someone needs to take aeay Syria's chemical weapons.

Asian American Christians Bothered by Racial Stereotypes From White Evangelicals

A post from Religion News described how Asian Americans were being troubled by some racist jokes an evangelical pastor did. This is not the first time Asian Americans are the target of racial stereotypes from other Christians. The conduct of this pastor is very refutable. This is why other people turn their backs to God, and sanctimonious pseudo-Christians like these should be departed from the church.

viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

The World Now #4: 17 Properties Confiscated Throughout Honduras to ''Cachiros''

This past week, the new special police squad ''Los Tigres'' took six more properties that supposedly belonged to the famous criminal band. The Cachiros ilicit acts, discovered with the aid of DEA are suspected of being drug traffic and economic frauds. The areas were the criminals had properties were El Progreso, Colon, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, San Pedro Sula, and Choloma. This is a very good act of the police force and they should be encouraged to continue to fight against the crime in Honduras.

My Weekly View #5: NBA's Jeremy Lin Talks about How Faith Kept Him Going To Success

Jeremy Lin is the first Asian American on modern era that has succeded in NBA. But his road to fame was difficult and very faith testing. When Lin was not drafted out of colege in 2010, many thought his career would not prosper, and even he himself says it brought him down. He had been eating healthy, practicing, and exercising eagerly before the draft, and, in the end, he was not selected. But his failure did not stop his faiith. As a Christian, Lin prayed to God and focused even more in his playing. Jeremy says his motivation was to glorify God, and that brought him to fame eventually. Now as a NBA superstar, Jeremy Lin recognizes it has been hard to glorify God when he dwells in an environment that exalts him, but he prays everyday so that he may give glory to the one who really deserves it, God. This a very inspirational and enlightening story for the youth to look at.

viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

My Weekly View # 4: Violence against Christians in Egypt

The hostility of Muslims towards Christians in Egypt has reached new levels. Now, Christians are afraid to go out on the streets because of the violence going on against them. Muslims have taken businesses, churches, and houses of Christian people; some have even kidnapped and murdered Christians. This kind of martyrdom had not been seen since the early days of the church. We that are safe here should be thankful to praise God as we want and should also pray for those that are risking their lives for God.

viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

Pope Fancis's Declarations

This an entry in response to this link:

Pope Francis has sure been one of the most controversial popes in history. His way of viewing the church and the world is quite innovative and sometimes a little deviated. When I read this article it shocked me because I am a Roman Catholic; I could not believe it so I looked it up in a Catholic website and it had the same title. Now obviously these are erred comments from the Pope, but he does this to draw attention from other worldviews into the Catholic Church and vanish the currenti image of the Catholic Church of being a rotten and old Church. Even if his intentions are good, this was clearly not the way to express them. So here are some Bible verses that contradict what he says:

(Note that I took them from a Catholic Bible)
For this is how God loved the world: he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.
John 3:16

No one who believes in him will be judged; but whoever does not believe is judged already, because that person does not believe in the Name of God's only Son.
John 3:18

so Christ too, having offered himself only once to bear the sin of many, will manifest himself a second time, sin being no more, to those who are waiting for him, to bring them salvation.
Hebrews 9:28

then we shall certainly not go unpunished if we neglect such a great salvation. It was first announced by the Lord himself, and is guaranteed to us by those who heard him;
Hebrews 2:3

'You must realise, then, that this salvation of God has been sent to the gentiles;they willlisten to it.'
Acts 28:28

viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

The World Now #3: Obama And Putin Hold Back Millitary Action on Syria

U.S. President Barack Obama made a television address to the media stating that he will try to make Syria give up the chemical weaponry by peaceful ways. Obama said that the American people was "sick and tired of war", and I think all the world is tired of seeing American soldiers in the Middle East. This is a wise decision from Obama and also Putin, Russia's President,who supports him. Right now Russia and US are trying by all means necessary to avoid war. I think all this issue about the Syrian war should be taken with calm and solve it the most peacefull way. The world does not need another war.


My Weekly View # 3: North Dakota First State to Ban Abortions Based on Down Syndrome

Governor Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota signed a legislation that banned abortions based on genetic deffects such as Down Syndrome. The state also banned abortions because of gender selection, and they are working on a law to annulate abortions once the doctors sense heartbeats from the baby. To me, this is a very good inniciative from North Dakota; they are making a difference, and they do not care of what the other states might say. Despite what some irrational people say that it is the woman's right to choose, it actually is not. It is the baby's body inside the mothers's and no one has a right over human life except God. Look at this example that is the same as the excuse many abortists use:

I pick up a woman who is planning to abort because she does not want to have the baby in my car. I drive to a highway and accelerate to reach 100 km/h and push the woman off the car and let her die. Since it is MY car I can decide what happens to whoever is inside it, right?

I think it is pretty obvious that this excuse is ridiculously invalid to support abortion. If a woman cannot keep the baby she can give him/her to a foster home or an orphan. Nowadays there are many alternatives a woman can take if she cannot raise the baby.


viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

My Weekly View # 2: Pope Francis Calls to a Peaceful Response of the G-20 Nations to the Syrian Events

On Thursday September 5, Pope Francis told the nations at the G-20 summit that a millitary intervention would be useless and encouraged the nations to respond peacefully to bring calm to a war torned nation like Syria. I think what the major authority of the Catholic Church is admirable, because he is using his fame and authority as a leader to exort peace to a very delicate situation that could transform into an outbreak of a war. We should imitate Pope Francis's attitude and seek for peace. I hope that U.S. and the other world powers to analyze the situation and think well instead of acting hurriedly. I pray for both sides of this feud to come to a diplomatic resolution so they do not bring more war to this world.


The World Now #2: Mexico Falls Against Honduras in El Azteca

The current event happening now in the world of football (soccer) is Mexico being defeated by Honduras in their home stadium El Azteca. Much speculation rose before this match. Mexico's journalists were bragging that in their homeland Mexico was invincible, some even said that they would win against Honduras without their goalkeeper. The final day came and the majority of the people - including me- thought Mexico would win because it was an obligation. The game started and Honduras was playing well and attacking, but Mexico stroke the first goal by a counter attack at 5 minutes from kick-off. It seemed as the predictions were being fulfilled, but Honduras did not give up. Honduras kept pressing and attacking. The first half ended with a 1-0 score of Mexico over Honduras. Though it seemed that nothing would change, the people still had hope. 63 minutes and GOAL! Hoduran player Carlo Costly shot a swift kick that goalkeeper Jesus Corona stopped but could not do anything against the strike Jerry Bengston threw out of a rebound, the score was now 1-1. I went outside and screamed like a mad man. Honduras was attacking more confidently. Not three minutes had passed from the tie when, GOAL! Costly solidly shot to beat keeper Corona. Honduras was winning for the 1st time in El Azteca! Now 2-1! Mexico was nervous, anxious, they were attacking without pecision. After the referee, who gave a little hand to the local team, blew the final whistle, I went to the street, took my shirt off and celebrated with my neighbors. Though this was a trivial event, it brings happiness to people and a little hope of our nation being recognized for seomething else rather than violence. Congratulations to the Honduran players and we have to look forward to the match against Panama.


viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

The World Now # 1: Abominable Murder of a 3-year Old in Yoro, Honduras

I have just finnished reading this horrible news that made my stomach sick, my eyes teary, and my mind full of anger and desperation. If you want to read this news article in Spanish here is the link:

In summary the article is about Frelin Humberto Marquez Hernandez, a three year old boy who was brutally murdered in Yoro, Honduras. Sunday at noon the little child played in his yard unaware of the horror that was going to happe. Neighbors say that a tall white guy took him into a white van and kidnapped little Frelin. The corpse of the boy was thrown in front of his parents' house at 2 am on Tuesday August 27, 2013. Anyway, when I read this article I was just shocked on how wicked and tainted with hate this world is. In my opinion, the bastards that did this to a poor family and to an innocent boy deserve something worse than death: they should be tortured and dismembered piece by piece until they beg for death so that they can feel what this poor innocent boy felt. And if this were not enough, our stupid president keeps appearing in commercials saying that this country has no delinquency; so, to the people from other countries reading this, THIS IS HONDURAS.

My Weekly View # 1: Americans Divided by Advancing Euthanasia Laws

The United States of America, a nation founded under the principles of God, keeps moving away from God's path. Four states have now legalized doctor-assisted suicide (this is a process in which the patient or the people in charge of the patient willingly ask the doctor to kill them). Americans have very different views on this topic; some radically say no, and others consider it a economically reasonable choice.  I myself am very divided on wether or not this is right. As a Christian, I know that God is the only one who gives life and the only one who has the right to take it, but we must put ourselves in the shoes of the patient who probably is in the last stage of cancer and wants to end his/her suffering. I want to go according to God's word but then again, I am not suffering from a terminal disease. Anyway, I cannot decide; I leave it to the reader to think about it.