viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

The state may decide wether photographers may dismiss gay weddings

7 years ago in 2007, a photography company refused to shoot at a lesbian wedding in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Vanessa Willock wanted a photographer to shoot at her lesbian wedding, the company refused saying that they only shooted at traditional weddings. When she saw the reply, Willock went to the New Mexico Human Rights Commission to complain against the photographer. This case is a clash between the rights of free speech and equal protection. In my opinion, no one has to be forced to provide his services to someone he does not want. If the photographer does not agree with homosexual weddings, he has the right to simply not provide the services. Anyway, the company is the one who loses the costumer.

Search for Malaysia Airlines plane is delayed again

This last thursday the search for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing on March 8 was delayed again for the second time this week. All the airplanes and ships that were involved in the search returned to the place they came from. A satellite captured images of more than 300 objects floating south of the Indian Ocean. Even though these objects were located, the investigation of them is quite difficult since the southern Indian Ocean is a desolate area. The plane was departed from Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing when it deviated and flew south several hours until it went missing.

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Federal judge allows NYPD to spy on Muslims

The New York Police Department has been allowed to spy on Muslims because of a ruling approved by a federal judge. NYPD can spy on Muslim people based on their faith and ethnicity. The Civil Rights group has appealed to disapprove this ruling. It is a lack of respect to the freedom of religion policy of the US to allow the police to spy on people just because of their beliefs. I support the Muslim cause to have a right to privacy.

28 Hondurans found in human traffic in Houston

Authorities have confirmed the identitiy of a group of Hondurans in the 115 people that were held captive in a house in Houston. Supposedly these people were destined for human traffic. Besides the Hondurans were many Latinos in the 204 meters squared house which had only one bathroom. The inhumane conditions that these people were in are deplorable for a country like the United States. This should be a warning for all the immigrants that go chasing the Amercian dream and dare to cross the border; also for the United States to improve in finding these type of places were Latinos are being discriminated.

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Putin has a better moral than Obama according to Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham stated that Putin's law of prohibiting acts of homosexuality on the streets to protect the children in Russia was better than Obama embracing the gay rights in US. Though he criticized heavily Putin, he said that Russia's president took a stand against homosexual propaganda on children. The truth is that US has become a wicked nation with low moral standards, while Russia is being an example of how things should be managed on this gay issues.

Real España takes Olimpa's undefeated streak away

The game started and Olimpia took advantage in the first minutes with Quioto's goal. The game was very balanced though Olimpia was winning. In the last minutes Marlon Peña was red-carded by the referee. It all seemed lost for Real España at the start of the second half with 10 men and losing 1-0, but the players started showing tremendous attitude and were giving their best. Olimpia did not stay behind, but when Costly entered the pitch he tied the game with a goal that was a bit lucky. Anyway the end of the game was near, and the match could be for both sides. Suddenly at minute 89' the referee blew his whistle to point a penalty in favor of España. The score in the end was 2-1 for Real España and ended Olimpia's undefeated streak.