viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

My Weekly View # 2: Pope Francis Calls to a Peaceful Response of the G-20 Nations to the Syrian Events

On Thursday September 5, Pope Francis told the nations at the G-20 summit that a millitary intervention would be useless and encouraged the nations to respond peacefully to bring calm to a war torned nation like Syria. I think what the major authority of the Catholic Church is admirable, because he is using his fame and authority as a leader to exort peace to a very delicate situation that could transform into an outbreak of a war. We should imitate Pope Francis's attitude and seek for peace. I hope that U.S. and the other world powers to analyze the situation and think well instead of acting hurriedly. I pray for both sides of this feud to come to a diplomatic resolution so they do not bring more war to this world.


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