sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Atletico Madrid Conquers La Liga

Today, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid played a match that decided who was champion. Previous to the game, Real Madrid had lost its chances of being champion to Celta in the last matchday. After Real Madrid lost, the game between Atletico and Barça was almost like a final. The game started with Barça (the home team) dominating possesion and pressing the visitors against their net. The locals went ahead with a goal from Alexis Sanchez that came out of a play by Messi and Fabregas. Halftime came and Barça was winning the match and the title for momentarily. But the hopes of Atletico were not dead yet, and not even 10 minutes after halftime had passed when Diego Godin scored the goal fot the tie and the title of Atletico. Barça lost the spirit since Godin's goal. The game ended and Atletico were crowned champions for the first time after 18 years. Now Atletico are looking ahead for Champion's League final against rivals Real Madrid. Congratulations Atletico from a Barcelona fan.

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Pope calls for Mafia members to part from evil

Pope Francis made a prayer vigil for all those people who are victims of the Mafia in Rome. He appealed fot Italian gangsters to desist from their road to eternal damnation. The pope said "This life you have now, it will not give you pleasure, it will not give you joy, it will not give you happiness. The power, the money you have now from so many dirty deals, from so many Mafia crimes, blood-stained money, blood-stained power -- you will not be able to take that with you to the other life." Since 1996 the anti-mafia movement gathers with the Catholic Church to pray for the souls of the Mafia members and victims. The crimes of these gangsters range from human trafficking and slaughtering little children for drug debts. With faith, maybe these people will stop to think and change their ways.

Workers protest for a cease in violence

Yesterday, May 1st, while some were resting for labor day's holiday, many syndicalist workers went to the streets in protest for better treatment and care of them. Besides the protest, many were remembering the 60 years anniversary of worker federations in Honduras. I respect and support any protest as long as it is pacific and for a good cause, such as claiming one's own rights. Now I do not support any protest if it involves rioting and damaging the streets as some members of FNRP were doing, and I believe that those men should be arrested.

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Tito Vilanova dies at age 45

Today April 25, 2014 the world of football grieves the loss of Tito Vilanova, a former Barcelona coach. Tito started his player career in 1988 and retired in 2001. From 2008-2012 he served as an assistant coach to Pep Guardiola; after Guardiola's departure, he took charge of Barcelona. While coaching Barcelona Vilanova achieved a record winning La Liga with 100 points. Vilanova fought against cancer since 2011 until today when he unfortunately lost his battle. Rest in peace Tito Vilanova.

120 people arrested in rally against Muslims in Bulgaria

A rally of 2,000 protesters in Plovdiv, Bulgaria ended in 120 arrested. The protest was against Muslims in the city. The protesters assaulted property, chanted racist slogans, and incitated violence. This occured in front of a mosque. It saddens me to see how people are harming others for their religion, though I don't agree with Islam. The reality is that no one has the right to violate other people freedom.

viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

There will be eclipse on this Tuesday April 15

Early on Tuesday morning, the earth will block the sun rays from the moon giving it a red color. The eclipse will start at 8:00 GMT or 2:00 AM in Honduras. This eclipse will start a streak of four eclipses throughout 2014 and 2015. Some superstitious people see this streak as a sign of big natural disasters. The ecipse will be seen throughout the American continent.

The 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion in Hungary

In March 19,1944 the Nazi raided Hungary and exterminated thousands of Jews. Before the war, there were 800,000 Jews living in Hungary; after the war, there were only 200,000 Jews. The Nazis killed three quarters of Hungary's Jewish population. Today, at the memorial of this slaughter, Hungary still struggles with anti-semitism. Hungarian authrities are putting their efforts to stop Jewish discrimination. I think that racism should be stopped to all races even the Jewish race. What we should do is accept everyone since we are all brothers in Christ.

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Pope Francis emphasizes that traditional marriage is an example of God's love

At his general audience in the Varican on April 2, Pope Francis stressed the importance of traditional marriage. He said: "When a man and a woman celebrate the sacrament of marriage, God is reflected in them (...) As 'one flesh', they become living icons od God's love in our world, building up the Church in unity and fidelity". This statements come after the 'controversial' comments the Pontiff made about  gays back in 2013. What the pope really meaned with his commentaries on gays was just to show compassion to them as they are sinners just like everyone else. But, as always, the media distorts the message in order for him to sound like a gay activist. He also recognized the many difficulties and trials married couples encounter nowadays. He said that in order to overcome them we just need a little gesture of love and peace like a caress, then forgive and move on.

viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Pope Francis and Obama meet in Obama's European tour

A meeting between Pope Francis and Obama was planned for March 27, and the US ambassador in the Vatican says that there will be more collaboration than conflict. Obviously the ideas of Pope Francis about gay marriage and abortion are different from the ones in US law. These meeting puts together two of the most influential figures in the world face to face. I hope that this meeting can open up Obama's eyes to these two cases and bring back some morality to US.

Honduras' forest fires have dropped significantly in contrast with last year

In 2013, the fires in our forests devastated huge areas in our country. In total, from 2008 through 2013, there were 6580 fires in Honduras. From January to March in 2013, 26,928 hectares burned, but this year only a little more of 4,000 were consumed by fire. The cyphers have dropped to only 15% of last year. The factors that contributed to this improvement were the cold season we had from January to February  and a better care of the woods.

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

The state may decide wether photographers may dismiss gay weddings

7 years ago in 2007, a photography company refused to shoot at a lesbian wedding in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Vanessa Willock wanted a photographer to shoot at her lesbian wedding, the company refused saying that they only shooted at traditional weddings. When she saw the reply, Willock went to the New Mexico Human Rights Commission to complain against the photographer. This case is a clash between the rights of free speech and equal protection. In my opinion, no one has to be forced to provide his services to someone he does not want. If the photographer does not agree with homosexual weddings, he has the right to simply not provide the services. Anyway, the company is the one who loses the costumer.

Search for Malaysia Airlines plane is delayed again

This last thursday the search for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that went missing on March 8 was delayed again for the second time this week. All the airplanes and ships that were involved in the search returned to the place they came from. A satellite captured images of more than 300 objects floating south of the Indian Ocean. Even though these objects were located, the investigation of them is quite difficult since the southern Indian Ocean is a desolate area. The plane was departed from Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing when it deviated and flew south several hours until it went missing.

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

Federal judge allows NYPD to spy on Muslims

The New York Police Department has been allowed to spy on Muslims because of a ruling approved by a federal judge. NYPD can spy on Muslim people based on their faith and ethnicity. The Civil Rights group has appealed to disapprove this ruling. It is a lack of respect to the freedom of religion policy of the US to allow the police to spy on people just because of their beliefs. I support the Muslim cause to have a right to privacy.

28 Hondurans found in human traffic in Houston

Authorities have confirmed the identitiy of a group of Hondurans in the 115 people that were held captive in a house in Houston. Supposedly these people were destined for human traffic. Besides the Hondurans were many Latinos in the 204 meters squared house which had only one bathroom. The inhumane conditions that these people were in are deplorable for a country like the United States. This should be a warning for all the immigrants that go chasing the Amercian dream and dare to cross the border; also for the United States to improve in finding these type of places were Latinos are being discriminated.

sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Putin has a better moral than Obama according to Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham stated that Putin's law of prohibiting acts of homosexuality on the streets to protect the children in Russia was better than Obama embracing the gay rights in US. Though he criticized heavily Putin, he said that Russia's president took a stand against homosexual propaganda on children. The truth is that US has become a wicked nation with low moral standards, while Russia is being an example of how things should be managed on this gay issues.

Real España takes Olimpa's undefeated streak away

The game started and Olimpia took advantage in the first minutes with Quioto's goal. The game was very balanced though Olimpia was winning. In the last minutes Marlon Peña was red-carded by the referee. It all seemed lost for Real España at the start of the second half with 10 men and losing 1-0, but the players started showing tremendous attitude and were giving their best. Olimpia did not stay behind, but when Costly entered the pitch he tied the game with a goal that was a bit lucky. Anyway the end of the game was near, and the match could be for both sides. Suddenly at minute 89' the referee blew his whistle to point a penalty in favor of España. The score in the end was 2-1 for Real España and ended Olimpia's undefeated streak.

viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Violent manifestations in Venezuela results in the death of many students

Previously this week, a Venezuelan student tweeted the chronicles of the violent day of the manifestations. He described how he carried a fellow student who died in his hands, and hours later he himself was shot to death. It saddens me to see these types of revolts where innocent people perish at the hands of dirty government officials. However, the best thing we can do is pray and hope for God to open these people's hearts.

Valentine's Day

Today, February 14, people are celebrating Valentine's day all over the world. Many people go and buy chocolates or any candy to give to someone ( I include myself here) thinking of some friendship or romantic idea of love. Yet many of us do not realize the true type of love, the love that is in the Bible. Today being Valentine's day made me think of 1 Corinthians 13:7 "(Love)beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." It is true, love bears all things and always forgives. Also, love never stops trusting, Jesus showed us how true love is: he forgave us even in our sinful filthy hearts. The best example that I can think of that love on this earth is that of a mother to her children; a mother will never stop loving her son wether he is a rapist and murderer or if he is a succesful man. We should think of that love and apply it to our friends, family, and loved ones every day, not only today.

viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

15% tax off the food basket

On Wednesday, by unanimous votes, the charge of the 15% tax was droped off the food basket. The meeting at CN held a voting in which the proposition made by the Liberal party had 124 votes in favor and zero against. It is good that at least the food will not have the 15% tax; however, everything else outside the food basket ( except medicine) has a rise in price. I just hope that we can see a change in the society, and that the money collected from those taxes may be put in good use.

viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Bieber puts down his "Christian" morals again

In 2011 Christian parents were more than happy to allow their pre teen daughters idolize a young boy who sang pop songs and professed himself as a Christian. Every girl would fall in love with this bluffer who said in interviews and documentaries that he loved God from the very bottom of his heart and wanted to do His will. The truth is that last Thursday he was arrested for DUI and drag racing in a public street. Previously he had been spotted smoking marihuana and drinking. I do not care what this idiot does with his life, but what pisses me off is that he outspokenly called himself a Christian, an action that apparently was just for attracting the wallets od Christian parents, and his actions just say the contrary. As Mark 9:42 says it is better to tie a stone in your neck and throw yourself to the sea instead of being a stumbling block for other people.

sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

Young Christians are more liberal in terms of death penalty

A poll in Ohio revealed that 42 % of Christians born between 1946 and 1964 were pro death penalty, but the new Christians born between 1980 and 2000 were softer in the subject. This means that today's Christians are more given to condone someone's crimes. Recalling that the worst crimes are the ones worthy of death penalty such as multiple murders, I think that the death sentence is justified. Though my position has been said, I am also divided by Jesus' commands of forgiving those who do bad things to us. Thinking it better, everyone deserves a chance of changing his ways, and it would be a shame for an unsaved man to die.

Another rise in the prices of gasoline in Honduras

This next monday the prices on fuel will experience another raise. In San Pedro, premium will rise .49 and regular .53. Now the gas will not last as long as it did before, and it will only keep on rising. This is what happens when we vote for the same people over and over again. With JOH we will have to endure hunger and high prices; but I am waiting to see if this have results, although previous facts have proven the contrary.

viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

Honduran government will spend 83% of their tax income on public debt

The new increase in taxes will make great profit for the government, and they already have their principal objective: relieve the public debt. This means that almost all of the governments tax income will be directed to public workers like teachers, IHSS employees, and others. I think that making this the prime objective is not a good idea since this only benefits public workers; on the other hand private workers will not receive any help. This 83% should be spent in something that will benefit the whole community.

Satanists want to erect a monument beside a Ten Comandments slab

The Oklahoma Capitol had a monument had put a monument of the Ten Commandments in 2012. Well the thing is that now Satanists are appealing for religion tolerance and want to place a statue of Satan next to the Ten Commandments. I know that people have freedom to choose their religion, but as a Christian to me it is offensive to put a statue of the devil right next to a monument of the holy law of God. If Satanists want to put their idol, at least they should respect that Christianity and Satanism are totally opposite religions.