viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

My Weekly View #5: NBA's Jeremy Lin Talks about How Faith Kept Him Going To Success

Jeremy Lin is the first Asian American on modern era that has succeded in NBA. But his road to fame was difficult and very faith testing. When Lin was not drafted out of colege in 2010, many thought his career would not prosper, and even he himself says it brought him down. He had been eating healthy, practicing, and exercising eagerly before the draft, and, in the end, he was not selected. But his failure did not stop his faiith. As a Christian, Lin prayed to God and focused even more in his playing. Jeremy says his motivation was to glorify God, and that brought him to fame eventually. Now as a NBA superstar, Jeremy Lin recognizes it has been hard to glorify God when he dwells in an environment that exalts him, but he prays everyday so that he may give glory to the one who really deserves it, God. This a very inspirational and enlightening story for the youth to look at.

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