viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

The World Now #2: Mexico Falls Against Honduras in El Azteca

The current event happening now in the world of football (soccer) is Mexico being defeated by Honduras in their home stadium El Azteca. Much speculation rose before this match. Mexico's journalists were bragging that in their homeland Mexico was invincible, some even said that they would win against Honduras without their goalkeeper. The final day came and the majority of the people - including me- thought Mexico would win because it was an obligation. The game started and Honduras was playing well and attacking, but Mexico stroke the first goal by a counter attack at 5 minutes from kick-off. It seemed as the predictions were being fulfilled, but Honduras did not give up. Honduras kept pressing and attacking. The first half ended with a 1-0 score of Mexico over Honduras. Though it seemed that nothing would change, the people still had hope. 63 minutes and GOAL! Hoduran player Carlo Costly shot a swift kick that goalkeeper Jesus Corona stopped but could not do anything against the strike Jerry Bengston threw out of a rebound, the score was now 1-1. I went outside and screamed like a mad man. Honduras was attacking more confidently. Not three minutes had passed from the tie when, GOAL! Costly solidly shot to beat keeper Corona. Honduras was winning for the 1st time in El Azteca! Now 2-1! Mexico was nervous, anxious, they were attacking without pecision. After the referee, who gave a little hand to the local team, blew the final whistle, I went to the street, took my shirt off and celebrated with my neighbors. Though this was a trivial event, it brings happiness to people and a little hope of our nation being recognized for seomething else rather than violence. Congratulations to the Honduran players and we have to look forward to the match against Panama.


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