sábado, 17 de mayo de 2014

Atletico Madrid Conquers La Liga

Today, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid played a match that decided who was champion. Previous to the game, Real Madrid had lost its chances of being champion to Celta in the last matchday. After Real Madrid lost, the game between Atletico and Barça was almost like a final. The game started with Barça (the home team) dominating possesion and pressing the visitors against their net. The locals went ahead with a goal from Alexis Sanchez that came out of a play by Messi and Fabregas. Halftime came and Barça was winning the match and the title for momentarily. But the hopes of Atletico were not dead yet, and not even 10 minutes after halftime had passed when Diego Godin scored the goal fot the tie and the title of Atletico. Barça lost the spirit since Godin's goal. The game ended and Atletico were crowned champions for the first time after 18 years. Now Atletico are looking ahead for Champion's League final against rivals Real Madrid. Congratulations Atletico from a Barcelona fan.

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Pope calls for Mafia members to part from evil

Pope Francis made a prayer vigil for all those people who are victims of the Mafia in Rome. He appealed fot Italian gangsters to desist from their road to eternal damnation. The pope said "This life you have now, it will not give you pleasure, it will not give you joy, it will not give you happiness. The power, the money you have now from so many dirty deals, from so many Mafia crimes, blood-stained money, blood-stained power -- you will not be able to take that with you to the other life." Since 1996 the anti-mafia movement gathers with the Catholic Church to pray for the souls of the Mafia members and victims. The crimes of these gangsters range from human trafficking and slaughtering little children for drug debts. With faith, maybe these people will stop to think and change their ways.

Workers protest for a cease in violence

Yesterday, May 1st, while some were resting for labor day's holiday, many syndicalist workers went to the streets in protest for better treatment and care of them. Besides the protest, many were remembering the 60 years anniversary of worker federations in Honduras. I respect and support any protest as long as it is pacific and for a good cause, such as claiming one's own rights. Now I do not support any protest if it involves rioting and damaging the streets as some members of FNRP were doing, and I believe that those men should be arrested.

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Tito Vilanova dies at age 45

Today April 25, 2014 the world of football grieves the loss of Tito Vilanova, a former Barcelona coach. Tito started his player career in 1988 and retired in 2001. From 2008-2012 he served as an assistant coach to Pep Guardiola; after Guardiola's departure, he took charge of Barcelona. While coaching Barcelona Vilanova achieved a record winning La Liga with 100 points. Vilanova fought against cancer since 2011 until today when he unfortunately lost his battle. Rest in peace Tito Vilanova.

120 people arrested in rally against Muslims in Bulgaria

A rally of 2,000 protesters in Plovdiv, Bulgaria ended in 120 arrested. The protest was against Muslims in the city. The protesters assaulted property, chanted racist slogans, and incitated violence. This occured in front of a mosque. It saddens me to see how people are harming others for their religion, though I don't agree with Islam. The reality is that no one has the right to violate other people freedom.

viernes, 11 de abril de 2014

There will be eclipse on this Tuesday April 15

Early on Tuesday morning, the earth will block the sun rays from the moon giving it a red color. The eclipse will start at 8:00 GMT or 2:00 AM in Honduras. This eclipse will start a streak of four eclipses throughout 2014 and 2015. Some superstitious people see this streak as a sign of big natural disasters. The ecipse will be seen throughout the American continent.

The 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion in Hungary

In March 19,1944 the Nazi raided Hungary and exterminated thousands of Jews. Before the war, there were 800,000 Jews living in Hungary; after the war, there were only 200,000 Jews. The Nazis killed three quarters of Hungary's Jewish population. Today, at the memorial of this slaughter, Hungary still struggles with anti-semitism. Hungarian authrities are putting their efforts to stop Jewish discrimination. I think that racism should be stopped to all races even the Jewish race. What we should do is accept everyone since we are all brothers in Christ.