viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Elections are coming in Honduras: Don't vote for Libre!

This Sunday, elections wil take place here in Honduras. The only advice I give for the people is: do not vote for Libre. Libre is a political party based on atheistic and socialistic (actually, more like comunistic) ideas. Libre will bring communism like Cuba and Venezuela to Honduras. And it will be a dictatorship disguised as communism, since true communism is impossible to achieve. Please do not vote for Xiomara Castro, the wife of a former president who admitted to commit fraud to win the elections, and also an ally of the Venezuelan dictator Maduro. Also, Xiomara did not have a good education, finnishing highschool until her early 20s. Clearly this person is not apt to be a leader for a country. I only pray to God for mercy over his children in Honduras concerning this Sunday.

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