viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

The World Now # 1: Abominable Murder of a 3-year Old in Yoro, Honduras

I have just finnished reading this horrible news that made my stomach sick, my eyes teary, and my mind full of anger and desperation. If you want to read this news article in Spanish here is the link:

In summary the article is about Frelin Humberto Marquez Hernandez, a three year old boy who was brutally murdered in Yoro, Honduras. Sunday at noon the little child played in his yard unaware of the horror that was going to happe. Neighbors say that a tall white guy took him into a white van and kidnapped little Frelin. The corpse of the boy was thrown in front of his parents' house at 2 am on Tuesday August 27, 2013. Anyway, when I read this article I was just shocked on how wicked and tainted with hate this world is. In my opinion, the bastards that did this to a poor family and to an innocent boy deserve something worse than death: they should be tortured and dismembered piece by piece until they beg for death so that they can feel what this poor innocent boy felt. And if this were not enough, our stupid president keeps appearing in commercials saying that this country has no delinquency; so, to the people from other countries reading this, THIS IS HONDURAS.

My Weekly View # 1: Americans Divided by Advancing Euthanasia Laws

The United States of America, a nation founded under the principles of God, keeps moving away from God's path. Four states have now legalized doctor-assisted suicide (this is a process in which the patient or the people in charge of the patient willingly ask the doctor to kill them). Americans have very different views on this topic; some radically say no, and others consider it a economically reasonable choice.  I myself am very divided on wether or not this is right. As a Christian, I know that God is the only one who gives life and the only one who has the right to take it, but we must put ourselves in the shoes of the patient who probably is in the last stage of cancer and wants to end his/her suffering. I want to go according to God's word but then again, I am not suffering from a terminal disease. Anyway, I cannot decide; I leave it to the reader to think about it.