viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Rare "Sea Monsters" Land in California

Over the last few months a group of odd marine creatures have been spotted in the Californian shores. These creatures are said by scientists to dwell in the deep ocean, but somehow they have managed to appear in the shallow waters of the Los Angeles shore. Biologists suggest that the manifesting of these bizarre creatures is a sign of global warming. Some people are even scared because the finding of a 15 foot long sabre-tooth fish has been known by Japanese people to be ominous of earthquake as it did a year before the disastrous earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

Christians Rise In NYC

New York has always been known for not being a very religious city; but recently, the Christian community has seen a rise in their population of born again Christians. This rise in the statistics had not been so high since the 1990s not even in the midst of 9/11. New Yorkers are changing their atheistic ways and seeking for God more and more, this is what a secular city like NYC needed: to seek more spirituality.


viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Rain of Fire in Syria

An article on CNN tells how fire was literally falling like rain in Syria. It occured in a late August noon, when suddenly a wave of patients crowded the hospitals of Aleppo, Syria. The tragic event took place in the outisdes of the city where supossedly a government airplane flew over a school and fired chemicals that turned into drops of fire. The scene was like a horror show according to their witnesses who saw how innocent children passed from cheerfully playing in their schools to being in an agonizing pain with their skin falling apart like ripped clothes. The UN must take actions to stop these events that are taking place in Syria; someone needs to take aeay Syria's chemical weapons.

Asian American Christians Bothered by Racial Stereotypes From White Evangelicals

A post from Religion News described how Asian Americans were being troubled by some racist jokes an evangelical pastor did. This is not the first time Asian Americans are the target of racial stereotypes from other Christians. The conduct of this pastor is very refutable. This is why other people turn their backs to God, and sanctimonious pseudo-Christians like these should be departed from the church.

viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

The World Now #4: 17 Properties Confiscated Throughout Honduras to ''Cachiros''

This past week, the new special police squad ''Los Tigres'' took six more properties that supposedly belonged to the famous criminal band. The Cachiros ilicit acts, discovered with the aid of DEA are suspected of being drug traffic and economic frauds. The areas were the criminals had properties were El Progreso, Colon, Santa Cruz de Yojoa, San Pedro Sula, and Choloma. This is a very good act of the police force and they should be encouraged to continue to fight against the crime in Honduras.

My Weekly View #5: NBA's Jeremy Lin Talks about How Faith Kept Him Going To Success

Jeremy Lin is the first Asian American on modern era that has succeded in NBA. But his road to fame was difficult and very faith testing. When Lin was not drafted out of colege in 2010, many thought his career would not prosper, and even he himself says it brought him down. He had been eating healthy, practicing, and exercising eagerly before the draft, and, in the end, he was not selected. But his failure did not stop his faiith. As a Christian, Lin prayed to God and focused even more in his playing. Jeremy says his motivation was to glorify God, and that brought him to fame eventually. Now as a NBA superstar, Jeremy Lin recognizes it has been hard to glorify God when he dwells in an environment that exalts him, but he prays everyday so that he may give glory to the one who really deserves it, God. This a very inspirational and enlightening story for the youth to look at.