viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

Pope Francis criticizes capitalism, world leaders, and media

Recently Pope Francis published an 84 page "apostolic exhortation" where he criticizes many aspects of today's capitalist world. First he calls the media to be more just; what upsets the Pope is that when a homeless man dies from starvation or cold is not a big deal, but when the market falls down for two points it is a headline. The pontiff also exhorts the economically stable people to avoid wasting food when there are people starving.And ultimately he adressed people in common to stop being so selfish and think of  a neighbor who is in a struggle. The Pope invites all people to share in these upcoming holidays and to remember the ones who do not have much.

Elections are over and a winner is announced

With more than 80% of the votes counted, Juan Orlando Hernandez was declared winner with more than 35% of the votes in his favor. In second place came in leftist Xiomara Castro. Clearly these elections were shady and Hernandez has a bad reputation of not being honest. But apart from the corruption and all the lack of transparency, it is better to have Orlando than Xiomara. Since we are used to being in middle of so much corruption, with Hernandez nothing will be much different. With Xiomara however, we would have had a socialist government and the country's economy would be forever stucked in poverty.

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Elections are coming in Honduras: Don't vote for Libre!

This Sunday, elections wil take place here in Honduras. The only advice I give for the people is: do not vote for Libre. Libre is a political party based on atheistic and socialistic (actually, more like comunistic) ideas. Libre will bring communism like Cuba and Venezuela to Honduras. And it will be a dictatorship disguised as communism, since true communism is impossible to achieve. Please do not vote for Xiomara Castro, the wife of a former president who admitted to commit fraud to win the elections, and also an ally of the Venezuelan dictator Maduro. Also, Xiomara did not have a good education, finnishing highschool until her early 20s. Clearly this person is not apt to be a leader for a country. I only pray to God for mercy over his children in Honduras concerning this Sunday.

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Murder attempt against PAC party candidate

Today November 15th 2013, an attempt against a candidate from Partido Anticorrupcion, one of the leading political parties in the upcoming elections of Honsuras, was made. A candidate of the name of Roberto Rivera was going to work early in the morning when two men shot at the driver's door of his car. This is an attack not to a specific political power but to democracy itself. Whoever wins or not is because God has willed for that person to be in power. I can only say may the best candidate win, and the loser parties should learn how to lose with dignity and not attempt against each others lives.

Orthodox priests appeal to Russia for security of Christians in the Middle East.

Persecution of Christians in the Middle East has been a problem since ever. Today this has slowly ceased, being only the radical Muslim countries the ones that persecuted Christians, and Egypt and Syria were examples of Christian tolerant Muslim nations. But earlier this year things have changed, since the civli conflicts in both of the countries mentioned above, the persecution of Christians has peaked. The Orthodox priests have appealed to Russia for aid in this aspect. I think we can all help by praying for the security of all types of Christians that are out there in the Middle East professing their faith.

viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Argentinian dictatorship secret files revealed

On Monday, the Argentinian millitary force discovered files from the dictatorship period in a building that houses the Argentinian airforce. The secret files are a black list of people who were potentially dangerous to the dictatorship, many actors, artists, and writers are among the list. This discovery is an important historical and judicial feature, said ministry of defense Rossi. The name of 1500 people appera in the list, some of these are believed to be some of the lost people of the 1976-1983 dictatorship. This may bring some answers to the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo looking for their sons and daughters.

Supreme Court struggles over how religious prayer should be on public meetings

The Supreme Court of the US doubts greatly if they should generalize more in their prayers on public meetings or not. The root of this dilemma is the variety of cultures and religions in the US, many attendants are Jews, Muslims, atheists, Catholic, Protestant, or some other religion. This is a problem when a country has so many people from all parts of the world. I think the United States should remain loyal to their Christian foundations and not let the secularization of this century invade their prayers on public meetings.

viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Putin Is the World's Most Powerful Man

Russian president Putin has made his way on top of the Forbes list of the most powerful man in the world. Putin replaced Barack Obama who had been there since 2010. The reason of Forbes shift is because Putin has made himself popular among the world headlines like prohibiting homosexual acts and giving assylum to Snowden. Russia and Putin's rules are a trending topic all along the globe. Luckily, this man has made a good use of his power.

A List of Blasphemic Songs

When you read the title, you think you are about to see a list full of metal bands. Though metal is one of the genres of music that speaks outwardly against Christianity, the following songs will surprise you when you see that they do not need higly distorted guitars, growling voices, or insane drum solos to be a blasphemy.

  • Depeche Mode: Blasphemous RumoursThe lyrics of this song depict God as a being with a cruel sense of humor that enjoys watching humans die.
  • Kanye West: I Am God
    I think the title of the song gives the message very well. When interviewed about the song, Kanye said: " I made the song because I am a god." I think that, we will see when Judgement Day comes, who is who.
  • John Lennon: ImagineIf you did not know John Lennon well, you would not imagine to see him here. But if you get to think a little, you would remember the time when he said the Beatles were greater than Jesus. Then it does not seem ilogical to put Imagine in this list. One of the verses in this song says:
    "Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today"